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Increasing Museum Capacities for Serving Non-White Audiences (2020)

“Increasing Museum Capacities for Serving Non-White Audiences,” surveys the history of the relationship between museums and communities of color in the United States, particularly those identifying as Black and African American. Studying the research of this topic in the Curator archive and other sources points to the paucity of studies that focus on this part of the population. The article illustrates the effect of these omissions and historical trends in contemporary museum settings, with a special focus on the famous American Museum of Natural History. Highlighting inclusive approaches and practices from the literature, the article offers solutions to the issues of representation and authority that have challenged many museums’ ability to embrace African American communities.

We Want You! The Targeted Recruitment of Youth (2017)

The world is rapidly growing, becoming more interconnected and increasingly diverse. Diversity means many things, from gender equality, to racial and socioeconomic equity. Many cultural institutions have out-of-school-time classes, internships, volunteer experiences, and research opportunities for students but many institutions have difficulty attracting a diverse group of youth that reflects the populations in the communities they serve.

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