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Youth and Workforce Development

Experiences are specifically designed utilizing the unique resources of the institution while teaching and fostering the develop of workforce skills necessary for the current and future STEM workforce. These skills include well-established tools such as professionalism, collaboration and working in teams, public speaking, creativity and leadership. In order to prepare students for STEM-specific jobs, the programs also include a focus on STEM-related skills, such as reading and understanding scientific articles and concepts and the ability to convey complex scientific phenomena to both academic audiences and public audiences.

Youth and Workforce Development: Text

Museum Education and Employment Program

College Internship Program

The program provides on-the-job training and exposure to careers in science, museum education, and related fields for College students from New York City. Interns work closely with educators and scientists exploring scientific content, learning to facilitate scientific conversations, and designing and facilitating hall tours.

Youth and Workforce Development: My Work

Saltz Internship

High School Internship

Interns facilitate science conversations using artifacts, specimens, models, and scientific tools on mobile stations throughout the museum and at dioramas and displays in museum halls with museum visitors.

Youth and Workforce Development: My Work

Youth Alumni Committee

Youth Advisory Group

Developed in 2016, the Youth Alumni Committee provides feedback and support on youth programs and experiences for museum teens.

Youth and Workforce Development: My Work
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