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Giving Space Podcast

A bi-weekly exploration of the lives and careers of people of color and discussion of issues facing our communities.

Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Amazon Music, Stitcher, and Soundcloud.

Voter Suppression w/ Guests Prof. Gilda Daniels and Prof. Sonia R. Jarvis

We are deep in election season 2020 and Nick and Julian are joined by Professors and Authors Sonia R. Jarvis and Gilda Daniels to discuss voting rights and voter suppression in America.

Sonia R. Jarvis

Nick and Julian are joined by distinguished professor and lawyer Sonia R. Jarvis to discuss her career, her family, race, working in the White House and more.

David Rios Ferreira

We sit down with Artist, Educator, and Curator David Rios Ferreira to discuss his art, education, and supporting young people in the arts.

Niaa Daniels

Nick and Julian spoke with Attorney Niaa Daniels about her experiences in law school, what it's like practicing law, and fighting for victims.

Protest And Civil Unrest - W: Guest Sam Taitel

Communities across the country and the world are protesting the murders and injustices committed against black and brown communities. Join us as we share our thoughts on what has transpired and Nick is joined by Sam Taitel who is on the ground in Minneapolis fighting for justice for George Floyd and the countless others who have been marginalized, oppressed, and killed at the hands of White Supremacy.

Dr. Alex Moore

Nick and Julian are joined by Wetland Ecologist, Dr. Alex Moore, to discuss their research, their path to becoming a wetland ecologist, and supporting diversity in STEM.

Coronavirus Update and Guest Justin Ramsey

Covid is impacting lives across the globe. Join Nick and Julian as they discuss how they've been managing during this time. We're also joined by friend of the podcast Justin Ramsey for a discussion on coping, being an essential worker, finding a new normal.

Dr. Preeti Gupta

Nick and Julian are joined by Dr. Preeti Gupta, Director of Youth Learning and Research at the American Museum of Natural History to talk about her career working in science museums.

Hera Javaid

What does it take to work in fundraising? Join us as we discuss philanthropy with Hera Javaid, Associate Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations.

Tim Poon

Nick and Julian sit down with NYPD Officer Tim Poon to discuss his dream since childhood to be a member of law enforcement, his career as a police officer and what needs to be done to recruit and support more officers of color.

Tahai Nneka

Julian is out for this episode but Nick still holds it down as we are joined by Tahai Nneka, traveler and travel blogger.

Lee Summers

Join us as we explore the life and work of accomplished actor Lee Summers.

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